The 2 main types of marble used for paving are Travertine and Natural Marble. Travertine is neither limestone or marble but a sedimentary rock made of carbonate minerals. When liquid, mainly water, turns into gas the sediment crystallizes and becomes Travertine. Limestone is the youngest natural stone, Travertine is approximately 50 million years old and Natural Marble is the oldest at approximately 100 million years old. In it’s pure stage it is white but changes color due to organic impurities which naturally causes pitting. Travertine will not deteriorate due to weather and erosion, as well as , maintain it’s natural color for decades. Travertine is durable enough to use from driveways to pool decks.
Natural Marble is a metamorphic rock meaning it is primarily formed from changes in pressure and/or heat to an existing medium. Usually the changes occur with limestone or old marble. Color variations are due to mineral impurities causing less pitting. Natural Marble is a much denser product than Travertine. Both stones are natural which provide color variations, therefore, it is important to hand pick production lots for consistent coloring.